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Seen on US 40 on the way to Alton RV Park

Bicycle train crossing US 40

Winnie at Alton RV Park

Pulled pork tacos at Blystone Farm

Day lilies blooming at Blystone Farm

Enjoying the livestock

"Brontosaurus ribs" at Kroger

My new Cuisinart gas grill

We're not in Texas, but i was able to get a Shiner...

We moved onto the Columbus area on Saturday where I'll be working for most of the week. We're staying at the Alton RV Park, a small mom and pop park. Site are tight, but for a work stay they'll do. We were here in early April and experienced a lot of different weather events, snow, hail, rain, thunder storms and a tornado. So far so good this time. The place was filled with soft ball players here for a tournament, but clear out by Sunday evening as the losers went home.

The trip down from the Cleveland area was pleasant and Winnie's ride is much improved. The work done seems to have done a nice job of taming Winnie's wandering all over the road. I'm not working nearly as hard to keep her going straight and the ride seems bit smoother with the new springs and Koni shocks. It's the first step in the renovation project. Hope to get some exterior cosmetic work done when we get back to Delaware in the fall.

We ate dinner last night at the Blystone Farm Restaurant & Bar located on a working farm. Besides the restaurant they have a butcher shop, grocery, and bakery. Sue had brisket and I had pulled pork tacos with a good local brew Belgian lager. I also had fresh baked peach pie for dessert. Delicious.

On the way back to Winnie we had to do some grocery shopping. Walking through the meat section of Kroger I saw the biggest rib eye steak with the bone I've ever seen. It weighed 3.39 lb. and was $52. It was something that you may have seen on the Flintstones, brontosaurus ribs. We didn't buy it for a number of reasons not the least of which is it wouldn't fit in the freezer.

I fired up our new gas grill to cook a couple of chicken breasts. I bought a 2-burner CuIsinart grill right before we left. I've been wanting a 2-burner stove since I got rid of our Roadtrip Grill a couple of years ago. It lets me cook a couple of different things at once which I couldn't do on the single burner grill that we had. I'll also be able to cook pizza with indirect heat and not char the crust.

I probably won't be posting the rest of the week while I'm working and will pick it up again when we leave Alton RV Park on Friday. Stay tuned.

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