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sunrise with shadows


grasslands and yellow mounds

map of national grasslands

Today, our third day, we drove about 80mi around the western area of Bad Lands. The park is boarder loosely by the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to the south in the White River Drainage area. At the western end of the park is the Badlands Wilderness Area. To the north is the higher flat land of South Dakota. The park is surrounded by the “Buffalo Gap National Grassland”. A significant feature of the park is the “Badlands Wall”. This is actually the main viewing feature of the park and consists of the rugged features and pinnacles, towering Spires, flat topped tables and deep canyons which were created by water and wind erosion of the many layers of silts, ash and sediment that have been laid down over the past 75 million years. The “Wall” is the geologic feature that incorporates the structure of the park. Due to the continuing erosion the park is moving slowly north at about one inch per year. A ranger told us that it is lucky we got here when we did because the Badlands will be gone in about 15,000yrs.

The town of Wall is named after the Badlands wall concept. The wall can be seen as cliffs and features as you travel around.

Tomorrow we head east. Next stop the Corn Palace.

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