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“Houston, We Have A Problem!” Famous words from Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 but they rang a bell with us today.

The day began with normal busy activities on our schedule. We drove to Palmyra, picked up our granddaughter Lauren, and took her to her gymnastics class in Quincy, Illinois. We enjoyed watching her flip and spin and walk on the balanced beam, as she did the usual stuff that young gymnasts do. We then drove back to Palmyra. We picked up sandwiches from Subway and had lunch with Jennifer and Lauren.

Marilyn & I returned to Hannibal and then drove to the Hospital for Marilyn’s appointment with a cardiologist. After Marilyn described the side effects she is experiencing with the meds she is taking (Tired and listless with a very low energy level) the doctor suggested TEE and CE (TransEsophageal Echocardiography and Electrical Cardioversion). So next Tuesday, the day before we hope to leave, she will have both of those procedures beginning at 7:15 in the morning. If successful, she will soon be able to stop using the meds altogether.

That happens to be the same day that I am seeing my doctor about my cancer, but I do expect all to be well as my PSA was 0.01, which is about as low as it can be. Of course I have to get an injection which is number three of six over a period of three years.

I promise to keep you all informed. In the meantime we will celebrate our 56th anniversary tomorrow, I will lead a tour on Sunday, Monday, we will complete our preparations to leave and you know the rest. Life is Good!

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