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View from our balcony, Sorrento

First dinner, Hotel Executive

First dinner, Hotel Executive

Monday 28th May: A day of traveling: Time now to move from Sorrento to Siena. We had booked our tickets on the train for 10.15am so did not have to rush. Donatella came in to see us off after breakfast and we said goodbye to her and Daniella who had looked after us very well. We were fortunate in having the B&B totally to ourselves for three nights and scarcely saw the other guests on the other two nights. The time in Sorrento was very pleasant and relaxing (apart from the day trips away!).

After the short walk back to the station, this time we had the Express Circumvesuviana train back to Naples and it was a much more pleasant trip than the one down. Fifty minutes later we were in Naples and had time for a coffee before boarding the FrecciaRossa to Florence. These trains are so comfortable and fast (248km/hour). It stopped only in Rome and in 3 hours we were in Florence.

Here we were met by the hotel’s driver, Quintro, who escorted us to a most dilapidated Vectra. If it had seen a wash once or twice when new, that would be it. The boot only took the medium case and one carry-on and the other sat beside the driver. The air conditioning was the natural type with windows wound down (with handles). However, he pointed out to us that he would not exceed the speed limit of 90km/hr (don’t think the car would do so) and we had a pleasant scenic drive punctuated now and then with Quintro pointing out this or that, particularly where he knew the speed cameras were hiding. We couldn’t help wondering if the hotel would be more of the same.

However, the Hotel Executive proved quite different. Our room, while not huge, was well appointed and had a large private balcony. All our evening meals were included here and there was only time to unpack and clean up before heading down to the bar for pre-dinner drinks. The inclusive menu is not large but quite acceptable. After a good dinner we called it a day.

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