Summer 2018 Big Trip travel blog

Uneventful first day on the road, thank goodness. Other than leaving an hour later than planned (1400 instead of 1300), it was a very smooth non-stop ride to Las Cruces. SOOO nice not having to hook up the tow dolly in 100 degree heat. Had the truck hooked up in 5 minutes and off we went. First leg was a good test of the new hitch rig; that down hill slide heading into Las Cruces is about as steep as I would ever attempt. No issues at all. Only highlight of the drive was seeing a big RV westbound on I-10 towing a helicopter on a trailer! Definitely a first for me. RV park in Las Cruces is outstanding. Very clean. Big, wide pull through sites. Best dog run I have ever seen. Long stretch all fenced and walled in so you can unleash the pup and let him run. Almost sorry we're not staying longer, but it's off to Midland tomorrow.

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