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Okay, now I will try to complete the catchup postings. We left Russellville after filling up the Bus. It was the only diesel purchase for the month of May. WooHoo!!! Then we headed for Cummins. They were waiting on our arrival to see if they could identify the issue with the generator, which they had worked on and stated was cured on the 3rd of May. We arrived about 1:15 and our rep arrived out front in a few minutes. We explained the issue and he immediately tried to start the generator. He got the same results as we had done on numerous occasions. I went to the rear of the Bus to disconnect the CRV. About the time I got unhooked I heard the generator running. Sue told me later he had tried priming it for over one minute and it finally started. We were told they needed to run some tests as it should not be acting up.

We left for lunch. We went to Jason's and got some hunger relief. We then returned to Cummins. As we had left there had been an accident west bound on I - 40. A semi was headed the wrong way and it appeared there might be a small fire. When we returned traffic was heavy in all directions. We went inside and waited on some word on the status of the Bus. A little after 3:30 we noticed the Bus pulling up in front of Cummins. Our rep came in and told us it was fixed. The fuel line was a little long and when they did all their testing early in the month it was with the generator compartment extended. When the generator was pushed in and in the locked position, the fuel line kinked so fuel could not get to the generator. They tied up the line where this would not occur in the future. And Wow, no charge, it was their fault and not ours. Wow again...

Then off to Maumelle Park. We will be there for two nights and then if Beth is better we are off for...We got set up about 5:00 when I saw our friends Bobby and Patricia across the park from us. I walked over and visited with Bobby. Sue was soon right behind us. We did a quick catch up then returned to the Bus. We needed a shower...since inspite of our better efforts we had soaked through our clothes at least a couple of times. Then off to Applebee's for their Bourbon Street shrimp and chicken. Oh how we have become fixated with that entrée. Then back to the Bus to sit outside and watch the full moon. We did so until the mosquitos showed up. We were then inside and getting ready for bed.

I was awakened this morning with the sound of rain on the roof of the Bus. It was pleasant sounding and I dozed a few times until it was time to get up. We have a lot to accomplish today with it being our last full day in town.

Katie was being sedated at Conway Regional Hospital for some dental work. Beth walked down to the ER and admitted herself as she was no better...in fact probably worse. We had hair appointments at 11:30 and 1:00. I had lunch with folks from the bank while Sue was being coiffed by Cyrena. I returned in time to get my hair cut and head washed. Then we were through. New appointments were made for our July return, and then we were off to Conway. Everyone was home so we went there. Beth is now diagnosed with gastritis. We visited for a while and Beth is sure she is going to be fine and we should not delay our departure date. We went back by the storage and left a few items we have not used in the last 10 months. We then returned to the Bus. Then we rested for a few minutes.

Sue has had the washer going so we do not get behind on our laundry stack. After a few loads we headed out to do some necessary shopping and grab dinner. It was a great evening for IHOP for a breakfast for dinner. Then to WalMart to pick up some items. Then back to the Bus and unpack. I did a few outside items before it got too dark to see. Tomorrow I have a list of items to attack. Check the air in the tires. Since we are now at sea level and heavier air I need to let some air out of the tires. It needs to be done early in the morning when the tires are cool. We have to have Sue at the cardiologist at 8:30. When we are through, it is back by Kroger for a few final groceries and then get the Bus ready to roll.

Our reservations are at the campground at Parkers Crossroads east of Jackson, Tennessee. We hope to take in some Civil War battlegrounds and make sure we have a travel plan to get us into Charlotte, MI by the 13th of June. AND, to get us through Shipshewanna, IN for a few days, while on the way. We have a few other items we want to explore in the RV capital of the world but that is for when we get there. Well, my postings are up to date and you know where we are and where we are going. It is just that right now we don't know how we are going to get there and that is alright...for right now.

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