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Dickey-Stephens 05/24

Walking bridge LR to NLR

Walking bridge #2

The Bus at Old Post


Barge at Old Post

This is catchup night. I am breaking my posts into two different ones so they make a little more sense.

First, I have posted a picture of the ballgame at Dickey-Stephens that I referred to in an earlier post. While we were outside seeing Dan and Bev off I took a couple of pictures of the colored lights on the walking bridge. I have not had a chance to try and doctor those on LightRoom, but I hope to get to that point soon. So, now on to Sunday and Monday at Old Post.

Sunday was the day that Sue was determined to cut off and hem the legs of 17 pairs of jeans for Hannah and Katie. This was an all day process...and I mean all day. She finished about midnight. While she was doing all of this I made a run to WalMart. The crowds were not too bad for a holiday weekend. I did take note of the change in the temperature. I sat outside drinking coffee Sunday morning and it was comfortable. Well, by mid afternoon, it was really hot. Temperatures in the low 90's and the humidity was almost unbearable. I spent most of my time inside watching war movies on the Classic channels. I did grill hamburgers Sunday evening. As soon as I got the burgers to 165 degrees, I was back inside...not sure that was not how hot I was...Anyway, Sue went outside Sunday to beat the seams on the "now" shorts with a hammer to break down the fibers so the sewing machine could sew the hems. She also enjoyed all the heat and humidity she cared to and was glad to get back inside. I spent the rest of the evening watching movies while Sue sewed. As I said earlier, she was through around midnight so we went to bed. While I was out and about Sunday I visited with Hannah and Katie at various times as the heat did not slow them down.

I was up earlier than I wanted to on Monday for no apparent reason. Sue slept in a little as she was worn out from the previous sewing day. I knew it was too hot to go outside and drink coffee so I stayed inside for a while...watching war movies. Then it was out and about carefully...but I will say right now that I soaked through my clothes no less than three times. Jeff and Hannah washed their trailer and I checked on them a few times. Beth was still very uncomfortable so I did not see her except when Sue delivered the shorts to Beth and the girls. Then back to the Bus, as it was hot.

Sometime in the late afternoon I was out and rode my bicycle. I got a couple of picture of the Bus facing the river and the CLAM set up outside. I was riding my bicycle with Katie when we noticed a barge heading downriver from the lock and dam. We rode back down to the Bus and told Sue. That made barge #5 that we saw on Monday. I took the picture from just in front of the Bus. The barges are all right in front of the Bus as the deep channel is up next to the bank by the campsites.

After my ride, I started packing up the items we had set up or had out. Two reasons, we needed to leave early on Tuesday and it was looking like rain. I did not want to put things up wet so I got the bikes back on behind the Bus. I got the CLAM packed up and stowed. I then pulled all the MagneShades and the tire covers. I packed up the zero gravity chairs and the regular chairs. Then only thing left out was the grill. I grilled up hot dogs for us and Jeff and Katie. They came down to have banana cream pie that we have started enjoying on a regular basis. They stayed an hour or so and went back to their trailer as Beth was still not feeling well. After we cleaned up the kitchen we watched a few more war movies we had not seen in years.

It was concluded that Beth would not be able to drive on Tuesday morning and they needed help in getting everything home. They had the truck to pull the trailer and the van for running around. Sue and I left before 8:00 taking the van to their house and returning back to the Bus by 9:30 or so. They were ready to leave but they had a low tire on the trailer. We got out our ViAir and cured that problem. They then left for home. Beth had a doctor appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Then we broke down the remainder of our site and prepared for our day...that will be covered in the next post.

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