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Mural wall

Mural wall

Narrow Treboules

Day 12. Lyon

30/5/18. Wednesday. Overcast 15-24 degrees

Today was Ian’s day out. Lorraine not feeling the best, so decided to stay in. Normal excursion process, get ticket and onto coach after checking out of ship. Doing the sight seeing tour and local tastings at local market. Coach drove around Lyon, with guide pointing out usual points of interest. There was one building that had a fresco depicting imagines of famous local identities. Inventor of loom for weaving silk, the brothers who invented the camera and many others. Silk production is one of the main industries in Lyon, and has been for a very long time. Silk thread is now imported from around the world now as the people here no longer keep silk worms. The bus then proceeded to drop off point for walking tour. This was in the “old” town. This places seem to always have and old town. Lots of narrow streets, with little boutique shops every where, but no open. They open up around 1030am. There are alley ways that are narrow and dark running from one street to another. They always are a part of the houses and are used to provide access to the small apartments built as part the passage way. Not all of these passages are accessible by the public. They are called “treboules” and where used during the 2nd world war by the resistance to dodge the gestapo. During the war Lyon was actually the capital of France. It was also the main head quarters of the “resistance movement”. Very interesting area, back to coach and onto food market for our tasting of local products. Interesting market, selling meat, fish, bread, pastries and other food stuff. One out three shops had a cafe or restaurant attached to it. Lyon is well regarded as a “culinary” city. It has a couple of famous cooking teaching schools. All in all an interesting morning.

We packed this afternoon ready for tomorrow. Paris for lunch.

Captain’s Dinner tonight - Ian’s gone solo. Farewell cocktails - lot of talking and introduction to a number of crew. Then down to the “Captain’s farewell dinner.

Nothing really stood out, only roast beef. Melted in your mouth, was absolutely cooked to perfection. Hard to beat last night.

Lots of noise as fellow passengers packing and getting tags dependent on their disembarkation situation in morning. We have got yellow tags as we are off to Paris by fast train. Bags out at 630am and we leave the boat at 800am. Get our bags back on next ship. Very well organised.

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