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One of the many alley ways - city centre, Cardiff

Cardiff Castle

This morning we caught the country train to Cardiff, Wales. A 2 1/2 hour journey with the scenery a mix of railway yards and pretty countryside.

We have loved the very small piece of Cardiff we have seen so far. The city centre/shopping precinct consists of malls and tiny little windy alley ways - a mix of old and new. It felt very Harry Potter with amazing little treasure shops, antique book shops and great little cocktail/gin bars. At the end of the shopping precinct is Cardiff Castle.... right smack in the centre of town. So, we wandered in and out of the shops then walked around the perimeter of the castle. We didn’t go in as it wasn’t far off closing and the weather was drizzly but plan to do a tour tomorrow. Cardiff Arms Park is opposite the Castle, very underwhelming looking tired and worn signage which is a shame for such an iconic ground.

The temperature dropped a bit today to about 22 degrees (was 27 in London yesterday) with intermittent drizzle.

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