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I was up early for what was the fruitless task of finding an internet connection. The property is extensive and the furnishing and fittings are dark timber and reds. It has been well cared for and many items of furniture are irreplaceable. We had breakfast at the hotel before a stroll through the garden and departure at 0930hrs.

The drive to Lyon was by the motorway with 130 Kph the standard. As we approached Lyon the traffic for late Monday morning became quite heavy requiring our driver to be that little bit more aware and defensive. Entering the city was not all that easy as Geeps was regularly challenged by many converging/ diverging roads that required quick thinking to either enter the right lane or await re- routing. The inner city with streets at right angles was much easier provided it was not a one way; and they are prolific.

We reached our recently renovated hotel which would be the most electronically managed we have come across. A Room number and 6 digit access number provides entry to the carpark, room and every other need. Once again the room size is small and we are stepping over cases.

We had planned to use the hop on hop off bus to tour the city and walked the 1.2km to Place Bellecour to find the next bus departing at 1300hrs. This gave us plenty of time to find a restaurant on the square for a shared goat’s cheese salad and the usual. The salad was small and simple but quite tasty. We will also remember the glass of wine that fell over from the rickety table top and the attitude that we would cover the cost.

The bus departed on time for what was to be a 90 min trip. We had bought the one day pass which was not a 24 hour pass and needed a two day pass if we wanted to travel next morning. We normally complete a circuit before planning future stops but because of the shortage of time and the length of the trip, we disembarked at the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere to view the church and the panoramic views of the city from high. We then walked to the Roman Theatre down the road to view before embarking on the remainder of the trip.

The Hop Bus provided a good overview of the city and we saw places as the painted walls of Canut, the 24 columned Palais de Justice, Vieux Lyon ( some of the old city), the orange rectangular Quatier Confluence and its sister shape but green Euro News HQ, and the spectacular and boldly design Musee de Confluences

We returned to the drop point at the Place Terreaux where a communication problem had two coffee’s instead of two roses served to us. Thankfully, it was resolved in our favour and it felt like we had received justice for the spilt wine.

Our plan was to stroll “home” and find “somewhere” to eat ( it was 1745hrs and Cinderella doesn’t appear before 1900hrs). We passed and viewed the brilliant water feature of rearing horses, Fontaine Bartholdi, the typical but originally designed Hotel De Ville, the Palais Saint Pierre and the Opera de Lyon. We continued to the Place Bellecour passing the Fontaine des Jacobins ( one of my best photo’s ) noting the fine fashion shops and stopping at McDonald’s for an emergency stop - nothing for nothing in this world!

We found an Italian restaurant serving on the edge of Place Bellecour and tired enough not to wait any longer, ordered a pizza and a Montepoluciano d’Abbruzzi. The pizza was nice but the wine ordinary.

We continued back “home” in drizzling rain ( we had the umbrella’s) and increasing darkness. Bed followed soon after.

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