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Rhine ferry

St. Severus Boppard

Bingan Gate, Boppard

Cuckoo Clocks...Boppard

St. Goarshausen across the Rhine

Rhine River from on high

Today we have driven along the Rhine River crossing it several times by ferry. Technically we've had a cruise or 2 on the Rhine. The Rhine is a very busy river. Both cruise ships and barges ply the river. There is even a hop on hop off boat! We have seen barges so loaded they are barely above the waterline. There prow leaves a deep wake. Others are so lightly loaded they barely fit beneath bridges, I'm sure. There are ferry boats, day cruises and of course Viking Cruises.

We took the ferry from Braubach to Boppard...and parked. The Old Town with churches dating from the 1200's, Roman ruins...walls, a crumbling fort with towers date from 4th century. Other buidings date from the 1300's and 1500's. White is the general color. We did a walking tour of town from Marketplatz. Unfortunately the churches were closed. St. Severus was built atop the Roman baths. The Romans left in the 5th century. The Elector's Castle dating from 1265 was built by Richard of Cornwall.Intially it was a fortress but now houses government offices. We saw a monastery built in the 17th century....now houses a military academy. Next was the medieval Bingham Gate the only remaining gate left from Boppard's walled medieval times. Remnants of the wall at its original height can be seen here. Further along at Angerstrasse we saw the Romanesque Christ Church finished in 1852. We saw the Roman military fort....what is left....built in the 4th century. Lastly we saw a 17th century version of a 12th century monastery built by Carmelite monks. After we went for a coffee, walked back to our car and had lunch at an outdoor restaurant next to the river.

From here we drove B9 to St. Goar past Burg Maus overlooking St. Goarshausen with Burg Katz looming over St. Goar. We could see the toll collecting castle by the river. At St. Goar we took the ferry across to St. Goarshausen. We attempted to drive to see the Lorely slate cliff...that distracted so many mariners...but the lookout was closed. We did see a little village tucked in a corner brhind the castle. We also had a magnificent view upriver from high above. Back on B42 we drove toward Kaub stopping to see the Lorelei statue by the slate cliffs. She sits on a small island with rapids close by.

At Kaub we took the ferry back across the Rhine admiring Pfalzgerafstein Castle on a small islet in the middle of the river...another toll collecter. He put a chain across so ships had to stop and pay as they passed on the navigable right side.

After we crossed we drove to the walled town of Bacharach. Here we found a pension...Winzerhaus. This is a 14th century town with lots of hotels, restaurants, gift shops. Wine is also produced here.

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