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Locomotive No. 29, V & T Railroad, built in 1916

Pullman Car, built 1916

Silver Mine

Gold Hill Motel and Saloon

RR Track looking back

Open Pit Mine

Parade the Colors

Shopping Cart Parade Entrant

Hostess on the Train

Love these Flowers

St. Mary in the Mountains Catholic Church

Bucket of Blood Saloon

Red Dog Saloon

Paula at the Presbyterian church

"100 Mile" View -- looking out from C Street (Main Street in...

The Bar in the Red Dog Saloon

Did you ever hear of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad? We hadn't either!

The V & T Railroad is a privately-owned historical heritage short-line railroad that runs a 14 1/2 mile route between Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada. Originally built to accommodate the Comstock Lode mining communities in northwestern Nevada. The line ran from Reno to Carson City. It split there, with a track going south to Minden, and another east to Virginia City. The Virginia City track was built in 1869.

For you folks that slept through American History in high school, the Comstock Lode was the first major discovery of silver in the United States. It was named after Henry Comstock, and the discovery was made public in 1959. It set off a spur of excitement and the biggest rush of prospectors to the area from California and throughout the US since the Gold Rush of 1859.

As previously mentioned in a prior post, silver is the main reason Nevada was admitted as a state. Also, a United States mint was created to coin the silver bullion along with gold bullion.

We took the train ride today, and since tomorrow is Memorial Day, the town of Virginia City had a parade with the theme, "Celebration of Heroes."

Virginia City is much like a lot of other "historic" towns. Lots of t-shirt, rock, jewelry and souvenir shops to separate money from your wallet. But, it also had a few landmarks that are worth mentioning, if for no other reason, just the name alone! For example, "Bucket of Blood" Saloon. The Bucket of Blood got its name from the story that when the floors were cleaned at night, the water in the mop bucket was red. Another is the Red Dog Saloon. The Red Dog Saloon played a significant role in the development of the psychedelic music genre. In 1965, a group of music aficionados created the "Red Dog Experience." It featured acts from unknown groups as Big Brother and the Holding Company , and the Charlatans.

Going further back in history, a young writer, Samuel Clemens, was employed as a journalist for the Territorial Enterprise, a newspaper, in the early 1860's. He wrote under the pen name of Mark Twain.

The most photographed attraction is the "Cathedral of the Comstock." The St. Mary in the Mountains Church was built in 1868, burned in 1875 and was rebuilt in 1976. It is a very large structure for such a small town and draws attention from visitors. There are two other churches in town, an Episcopal and a Presbyterian.

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