Bus Trip thru South America - 2009 travel blog

People waiting

The bus on the Peru side of the border-while waiting

We arrived Tacna at 05:45 in the morning.

Border crossing was a total mess-Chilean customs on "work to rule" which is not a strike which was illegal. They just did everything very slowly.

Bus company decided to wait it out rather than go back to Tacna. There eventually ended up with hundreds of people stranded at the border. There were many food vendors so we did not starve or get have no water available.

We were the third bus in line. Took 12 hours before they got to us.

Of course, this put everything off schedule.

The Bus company kept our passports. The bus company personnel processed our visa coming into and going out of Chile. Since were so far behind schedule, we did not see anything except the inside of the bus.

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