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Three days have gone very quickly. Thursday we had to get out of Maumelle Park. I had done several things to prepare for move on Wednesday...up until it started raining. So, Thursday I had to deal with some wet stuff...like the CLAM. The top was wet as were the floor flaps. However, during my preparations to try to dry the CLAM, the sun popped out. I removed the stakes and picked up the CLAM and moved it to a site that would get direct sun. AND..it worked. When I started to pack up the CLAM it was dry enough to pack and not worry about mildew. WOOHOO!! All the while, folks were driving around the circle in section E wanting to know if I was setting up or getting ready to move out. When I told them I would be leaving...they circled often. We pulled out about noon and headed for the dump station. As we pulled out, another rig pulled into our former site.

Once the dump stop was completed and the CRV hooked up, we were off. It was a fairly easy trip to Downtown RV Park in NLR. Our site there was one on the river. However, the hookups were on the wrong side, as it was for a fifth wheel that would back into the site and have a view of the river and downtown LR through their back window. But, with proper positioning, we were able to hook up without getting into our extensions and longer hoses. Once set up (in the sweltering heat) we rinsed off and headed out on a errand. We grabbed McDonald's and ate on the run. Once done and back at the Bus I completed the hook up of the sewer line. This was the first time I had used an extension on the sewer but it worked just like it should. Not sure what I did wrong but it worked the first time.

Then we prepped to go to the Travelers game. We were to meet Dan and Bev and visit with them. We arrived a little before game time and found our seats. I had grabbed the bank's box seats so we had very good seats. Dan and Bev arrived in the second inning (they had attended a grandchild's band concert first) and we sat, watched the ballgame, visited and had a great time. We left at the bottom of the seventh and went to the Bus. We visited for another 45 minutes or so (maybe had a little banana cream pie) and they left to go home. We nestled in for the night. Friday sould be just as busy.

Well, it was. We started by returning something Sue had purchased at Cracker Barrel on Shackleford. A quick hour round trip so we could move on to other items. I had a lunch come up on a bank issue so I went to Buffalo Grill, about three miles up river, and took care of the bank business and then got caught in a thunder storm. I called Sue to see if it was raining at the Bus. No, the sun was shining. It was pouring at Buffalo Grill. After about 30 minutes it slacked up and I was back to the Bus. Sue was involved in cutting off blue jeans for Beth's girls...17 pairs...so she was really involved. I went on a WLR run to get a prescription filled, grab a few groceries and pick up some grub from Whole Hog Café. We planned to have dinner with Robert and Deborah and watch the fireworks. Once back it was time to prepare for going to their coach (5 spaces down) for the evening.

We had a great Whole Hog dinner, played "Mexican Train" dominoes until almost dark. At that time Robert left and headed for a better view of the fireworks (he does a lot of photography and we sat with Deborah (in their CLAM) and watched the entire 20+ minutes of rapid fire fireworks. I have a few of the pictures Robert took but it will take me a little time to transfer them to my computer, so I will try to have those tonight. Anyway, the fireworks were great, Robert returned and we visited for a few minutes and headed for Bus. Now sleeping was an issue with Riverfest going on across the river with at least two stages having bands blaring. At some points they were louder than the television in the bedroom of the Bus. They played until about 1:00 a.m. Mercy!!

Saturday was moving day, again. Jeff called early to advise us everything was okay so far with Beth. WHAT!!! They had taken Beth to the ER in Conway about 6:00 a.m. with stomach pain. They had ultra sound and CT scan and found nothing. They think it may be ulcers and have her scheduled for a GI doctor this week. They were going to rest at home and let Hannah attend a party before returning to their camper at Old Post. We completed our packing of the Bus so we could get to Old Post. We got out of the park and parked the Bus in a shady spot while we ran an errand. We got back to the Bus around 12:30, got the CRV hooked up and headed for Old Post. It was an easy drive and we arrive about 2:30. We checked in, unhooked and headed for out spot. This is the only spot we have ever stayed in while at Old Post. We nosed in, got hooked up and started on all the other necessary items...i.e. MagnaShades on the windshield(since we face west), pull the awnings, get the zero gravity chairs out as well as the regular chairs. Then it was time to sit and collapse. I was soaked and Sue brought out water and we sat in the shade and enjoyed the slight breeze until our chairs were in the sun. Then it was time to go in and shower and prepare for dinner. We went to a local Italian restaurant. Venezia's Pizza and Pasta rated well with both Yelp and Trip Advisor. Well, it was edible, service was good and the quantity was too much. It was OK but I have no desire to return. We were tired so decided to forgo grocery shopping and return to the Bus. Beth and family were back by then so we went up two sites to visit with them. We ended up sitting out and chatting until almost 9:30 under an almost full moon with a little breeze and NO bugs. A very peaceful ending to another wonderful day. Our home is parked looking out at the river close to our kids and grandkids. It could not be a better way to end the day. Now, I will spend today trying to download some of the pictures I am behind on and get back on schedule and post them tonight. But, who knows how this day will go.

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