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Dijon's Grand Palais

Triumphal Arch

Dutch-looking house

Dijon's playful fountains

Dijon's Theater

Luxembourg Old Town

Inside Luxembourg 's train station

Last night we walked past the cathedral to Place Palais. The palace of the dukes is there. It is u-shaped, white and has statues along the top. Across from the palais are semicircular buildings. All our white. At one yime they were government buildings but now house a hotel and restaurants. Around the edge are numerous outdoor restaurants. Between the tiles were lines of playful fountains. Later, much later the jets changed color as they continued dancing. Little children jumped through them attempting to stay dry. We stopped for an appetizer here. We were later joined by 3 Germans from our hotel. Later we left and went up the street discovering a Roman triumphal arch. Unfortunately night obscured the plaque. We found tiled colored roofs on several buildings. Some buildings looked Dutch. We stopped at one for dinner trying local specialities. We talked to the 2 Austrians beside us. It was lomg after 10p when we wound our way back through the narrow streets to our home.

This a.m. we were off through the narrow streets to the market to buy veggies, fruit, cheese and bread for a picnic lunch. We found Notre Dame Church built in the early 1300's. On one projection is carved a 6-8 in. bird. It was shiny grom all the people who had rubbef it over the centuries for good luck...and all the wishes made. We also found a large market, both indoor and out. There were stalls and stalls of veggies, fruits, meats, fish, mustards....many varieties of Dijon,, jams, honeys, fish, prepared foods, breads etc. Outside books, knicknacks, and clothing was for sale.

After we drove the motorway north through farmland, gentle and not so gentle rolling hills. We could see groups of far buildings, small towns and villages. We crossed the Moselle River. We skirted Toul, Nancy and Metz. At last we entered Luxembourg.

At first we were disappointed but as we explored further we found an old town dating from 50 A.D. when the Romans established a base. In 963 the first Palace was built. St Michel's Church followed shortly after. The cathedral was built in the early 1300's. Below on the river plain sits a walled city ...much of it built in the 1500's when Luxembourg became a duvhy. An old fort from before stands near the Alzette River. Arched bridges connect to the upper promontory where the palace sits. 2 guards guard the gront of the palace. Many of the surrounding buildings are 1600's. Here streets are narrow and cobblestoned. Plazas line the Grund.

Across the river sits the modern city known for its banking prowess. Highrises can be seen. Cranes....the machines...dot the horizon. Luxembourg City is active.

Soon we will go for dinner. Tonight we are at an Ibis. Not fancy but comfortable.

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