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Sunset at Cable Beach

Cable Beach Sunset

Pete and Sharon at Sunset on Cable Beach

Dump Duty Done!!! Sharon and her Dad

Our side-by-side bays at Broome caravan Park.

Mr & Mrs Hackett III

Carrie, Manni, Brett and Jan.

3 Mr Hacketts with 3 Mrs Hacketts

Mr & Mrs Hackett

"Family Hug, Please!!"

On Gantheaume Point.

Making the most of the sunset at Gantheaume

Bridal Party- Jan, Brett, Manni and Carrie

Pete, Ella, Marli and Troy

Jacob and RJay

Donna, Marli and Ella

Sharon and Ken

Missing the reception!!!

On Honeymoon!!!

Barn Hill Beach

Here safely - got set up, then around to Trev and Glennis - had tea there.

Will finalise this page after Wedding next week.

Got a real surprise when Sharon, Ken and the boys arrived a day earlier than expected, coming in on the same day that Brett and Manni did. Lovely to see all of them after 3+ months!! Troy and Steve, Donna, Ella and Marli all arrived before the Wedding too. Sad Tahra couldn't make it - we missed her.

Had a great week spending lots of time with Trev and Glennis before the family arrived.

Wedding was just beautiful - both Bride and Groom looked wonderful and amid tears, pledged their love to each other. Not many of us were without damp eyes through it all!!

Cannot pass judgement on the reception, other than hearing reports of how great, friendly, casual and fun it was, as we spent it at the Hospital, with Pete admitted for suspected appendicitis!! He spent 24 hours in care before the CT scan showed up nothing at all - possibly a small stone passed and gone?? Anyway, we missed it all, after 13 weeks of planning to get there for it!! However, the ceremony was the most important part, and we had family photos before the intermission, while Brett and Manni headed off for a couple of hours for Broome Sunset Wedding Photos, so we are in some of the gorgeous photos of the night!!

We finally left Broome after a great 2 weeks, only travelling 150km south to Barn Hill where we spent 4 superb days, soaking up the pindan-red cliffs, white sands, and turquoise waters.

Then it was finally time to start slowly wending our way back south towards home.A night in Port Hedland, then 3 at Port Samson, back where we began our married life almost 47 years ago.

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