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Wednesday was Marilyn & Lauren’s turn to cook. Colby and I worked outdoors while the ladies drove to town and shopped for supplies. When they returned they began cooking but Colby and I were not allowed in the kitchen and had no idea what was on the menu.

Dinner was once again excellent as they served a salad, followed by sweet corn on the cob, and a hash brown casserole which was great. Colby loves that and had four servings. He is a growing boy. LOL

After the dishes were all cleaned up and we were settled in to watch the finale of “Survivor” Marilyn popped two huge bowls of popcorn which we happily consumed as we watched the TV show we had been waiting for.

Today, Colby and I drove into town so that I could post several blogs written earlier and this one. I thank every one of you who wrote texted or called asking about our situation. We are both fine but have been out of touch because of a lack of internet service. We didn’t realize that we rely so much on that means of communication. My blog, Facebook, and e-mail are all conveniences that we miss.

We will be back to normal beginning on Saturday so please check back. Once again we say a huge “Thank You” for your concern. Because of friends like our dear readers it is easy to state that Life is Good!

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