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Today was a fine day spent in the company of our two grandchildren. Marilyn had thought that we might enjoy having a cooking competition with Colby and I preparing dinner one day while Marilyn and Lauren prepare a meal the next day. Today was the day for Colby and I to do our thing in the kitchen.

I needed to take the truck to Monroe City to have two new tires installed on the rear wheels so Colby rode along. We had decided that we would stop at the store to pick up supplies on the way home.

Our menu for today consisted of an appetizer of grilled shrimp with a dipping sauce of pineapple, coconut, mango and tequila. The main course consisted of thin steak seasoned with garlic and other spices and cooked on the same grill while we had fresh corn-on-the-cob cooking on the stove. We planned to have freshly baked cherry turnovers for dessert but Marilyn thought we should save them for breakfast tomorrow.

Colby shucked the fresh sweet corn while I peeled the shrimp. We put the corn on to boil while the shrimp took up space on the grill. Colby seasoned the shrimp with garlic and then began seasoning the steak. Let’s just say that the meal was delicious and Colby did a great job. Now we will wait for tomorrow to see what the ladies have planned for us.

We also worked with the grandkids to clean windows, dust, and move the deck furniture from the storage shed to the deck. We have also mowed and trimmed much of the yard so we are very proud of the help these grandkids have been.

Life is Good!

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