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Just west of La Trapas

Monte Carlo from on high

Monte Carlo

Today we left Pont du Gard, went north to Orange, got on Motorway 8 and headed south towards St. Tropez. We took the very scenic La Garde Freinet from the motorway. It was a small country road that went up, down and around mountains. The traffic was heavy. We saw several Chateaux which were wineries. We saw Fort Freinet, a medieval town with its high beige block buildings amd its old Chateau. We stopped here for a cafe. From here we descended to Grimaud before heading east along the French Riviera through San Raphael, Frejus, Cannes and on to just before Nice.

What a drive! Once we escaped the cities'congestion, it was a pleasure winding around the mountains on one side and the azure blue green sea on the other. Red rock jutted out in places especially were we stopped for lunch west of La Trayas. Marinas rife with yachts, huge yachts, were alomg the route in towns, villages and cities. Apartments lined streets along with tourist shops and hotels.....expensive hotels. Beaches were covered with lawn chairs and people sunbathing....some topless. Little coves were sprinkled along the way. A Bentley, jaguars, porches and mercedes left us 'sitting still' Motorbikes whizzed by. Bicycles crept up mountains and sped down the other side. In places bike lanes were separated by a foot high barrier in others not. Before we reached Nice the traffic got heavier..too heavy and we headed back to the motorway where traffic was somewhat quieter. But we went through tunnel after tunnel till we descended into Monte Carlo with its terracotta buildings, red tile roofs, unique streets high on the side of mountains. We could see far below interesting places but were kept from them. We guessed at what they were. At times we stopped to take pictures. The Grand Prix is this weekend and Monte Carlo is preparing. Finally we went down almost to sea level but by then had decided to go on to Menton. There was a short break in the buildings but not much.

Now we sit on a terrace at the 2 star hotel, Imperial Hotel. Our room is small but it was the last room. They are busy with the Grand Prix this weekend. We have been served a cocktail. After we are finished journalizing, we will go into the Old Town. A walk sounds great! We are across from the promenade along the sea.

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