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Our room at The Fairmont

Ian enjoying the view

Day 3. Nice to Monte Carlo.

21/5/18. Monday. Nice: Blue sky, sunny. Monte Carlo: cloudy, cooler, possible rain.

We both slept well, and woke early, so we had a cuppa and museli bar, then headed out for a final walk. Saw lots of new places, and back over some we’d already seen. It was lovely walking along the Promenade des Anglais this morning, sharing the space with cyclists and runners. A different receptionist at the hotel today, who was as good as yesterday’s - both slight, small young women, but they bounded up and down the stairs carrying our luggage as if it was a bag of feathers. It’s a Public Holiday here, and after checking the cost of transport to the airport with surcharge, she suggested we catch the bus, which we did. We met the APT representative at the Information desk, who drove us to Monte Carlo in a beautiful black Mercedes van - just the 2 of us! He said he lived in Nice and asked why we didn’t get picked up at the hotel. We did ask that, and were told the airport was the pickup point. Tony phoned while we were travelling, and our Optomertrist said it usually takes a week for graduate lenses to be made. I’ll check, but I can manage just with readers.

Our Tour Guide was at the Fairmont Hotel when we arrived, so we had a chat with her and asked about Ian having his blood test on Thursday hopefully. The Hotel staff made enquiries, and Ian has decided he won’t have any tests until we return home. Some of the reasons making it difficult are: Not valid abroad; French measurements different; time involved; cost; could take up to a week for results. This seems strange to us as it’s so simple and quick at home, but we’re not home and in the end, Ian said he was told he didn’t have to have them whilst away, so he’s not.

Our room was ready so we ooohed and aaahed as we walked in - we’re on the 6th floor overlooking the ocean. Beautiful room; beautiful view.

Ian wants to buy some Formula 1 merchandise - for those uninitiated, it’s on this weekend, but we won’t be here - and Tony said possibly the best place would be near the start/finish line, also that’s where he found some nice reasonably priced little eateries, so that’s where we headed. Well, it was ok going there - all downhill. Ian couldn’t find anything as it was too early, but he did find somewhere to eat where he could have mussels. After lunch, we started walking back - looking for a taxi, but as the roads are being prepared for the racing, lots were blocked off, no taxi’s in sight, and we ended up walking all the way back - uphill. Oh boy, that was no fun. But we did it, calling into the Monte Carlo Casino to have a look - according to my friend Judy, the Rest Rooms are ‘fantastic’, but the queues were too long, and I’ve seen fancy Rest Rooms at Harrods, so we gave that a miss. Ian managed to get a Formula 1 Monaco cap (no year) at the Casino gift shop, so he’s happy. There is a direct path from the casino to our hotel, so once back in our room, on the bed for a short nap. And I might add, I need a stepladder to get up onto the bed! Tonight is a meet and greet with our Tour Guide and fellow travellers.

We met some nice people - looks like a good mix. After the meeting, our tour guide took us to the Casino and showed us where the local supermarket and a few eateries were. A group went out for dinner, and most ate at the Irish pub, us included. All very nice and friendly. It got cool out, and started to rain, but we got back just in time!

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