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The Riverside

The Colorado Belle

We had a complimentary 2-night stay at the Riverside Casino, so had mad reservations to spend my birthday and the next night there. Along with that we had free movie tickets, 2 free dinners in their steakhouse and $50 in free slot play. We also invited friends Frank and Jackie to join us. As it turned out, they had free rooms available at the Colorado Belle, a casino down the road from ours, so they stayed there.

We checked in around 1:00 o’clock. It took another hour or so to get settled and to sign up for our players cards. Then we walked around the casino to get (more or less) oriented, and finally gave Frank and Jackie a call. They were just getting checked in and agreed to meet us at the Riverview Bar. So we walked around a bit more while waiting for them, checking out the restaurants and buffets. Finally they arrived and we settled at the bar for a drink and video poker. Now F and J gamble a lot (since we don’t gamble more than once every couple of years, anything more than that is a lot to us!) and they are really good at it. As in everything they touch turns to gold. Jackie took me under her wing to “teach” me how to gamble. I have to admit that it was interesting, and I may have learned a bit, but still didn’t feel comfortable playing video poker.

We went from our casino, down the river to their casino, where we had to get players cards. I am not sure why since I didn’t have any cash and was not willing to spend anything on the credit card. So we just basically watched them play while we talked and laughed and got caught up on each other’s lives. They of course got their drinks for free while they were gambling, but we had to pay for ours.

From there we went to a free-standing bar at the end of the strip so we could watch the hockey game. It was a Sunday night, so not busy at all. Jackie was still in teaching mode with me and finally let me play on my own (her money) while she went to the restroom. I was nearly our of money when she got back and totally out soon after that. THEN she began critiquing my playing. I was not holding my hands right (?) I was touching the screen too lightly (?) I should have been using the buttons with some force instead. I was honestly not sure whether to laugh or cry, but finally decided to laugh, after all it was her money I just lost. Anyway, she went back to playing and I went back to watching, with verbal choices made. (I have always wondered why it was that my choices worked when she was playing but not when I was playing?!) We had a good time, but decided to leave when the bartender (Paul) was going off duty because we liked him and didn’t want to break in a new one.

From there we went back to the casino they were staying in and went to Cocos for something to eat.

We got home for bed at 2:30, later than either of us had stayed up in a long while.

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