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This is a May Tree; we see these telephone sized structures all...

Very old, but newly renovated house

The church spire that leans 2.2 meters much to the horror if...

Fascinating false front

Look at the bulge in the bricks on the front of the...

Saucy Medieval child on one of the buildings

Unique brick design and colour

Note the colourful busts on the front of the art school

Interesting door

Doesn’t she look like she has a huge secret?

Too bad we don’t still gave sighns like this (a wine cellar)

Figurine in a shoe store

16C organ in St Johanneskirche (with the crooked steeple)

Walking up the main square

This was our parking lot campsite; cheap but no ambience!

We decided that if we were ever going to get to Berlin, this was the perfect time since John and Irene would be there before heading home – and we were between visitors! Berlin is about 500 km from Hooksiel so given the speed we go in the motor home plus the inevitable construction delays on the autobahns, we opted to overnight in Lüneburg. We tried to visit this town last Fall but for several reasons, were only able to be there for 30 minutes!

We found a camping spot (literally a “spot” as it was in a big parking lot with no services) close enough that we could walk into the town in 15 minutes.

Luneburg, until 1980, was a salt-mining town and as the salt was extracted, it shifted the ground and subsistence causing the Medieval buildings to tilt sideways! There is also an off-kilter church steeple (2.2 meters “off kilter, apparently causing the architect to commit suicide), some of the buildings with obvious bulges in their facades and wobbly cobblestone streets – somewhat like walking into a comic book! It was a very worthwhile stop to see these beautiful Hanseatic buildings, many dating back to the 16th C.

After touring the town, we made dinner in the motor home and spent the evening reading. We kept hearing shouting, someone talking over a loud speaker, and music. We finally could not ignore it any longer, assuming it may have been a protest march just down from the campsite. We walked around a very long block to find hundreds of people filing out of the football stadium where they had been to support the local team. If we had checked earlier, we could have taken in the game.

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