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'right of way' is not always accepted

beats walking

Macedonia had peaceful landscapes.

the Bay of Bones museum was something very different......

.....especially some of the interior decorations .....

..... and bedding .....

...... but the water views were fantastic.

Gilli felt quite at home.

villages along Lake Ohrid were great places for eats.

Ohrid was a really nice town .....

...... with a great waterfront area .....

...... and many really old houses

We got away reasonably early from Korce for the drive to Ohrid in Macedonia and the weather could not have been any better.

The one hour drive along a reasonably good road did reach a minor crisis while exiting a one-way bridge and being confronted with a truck attempting to make an entry. After a pregnant pause the unhappy driver backed up and let us through but he was not happy.

A while later it was our turn to be unhappy when we applied for a 'green permit' at the Albanian/Macedonian border. The 'insurance' permit is required to take an Albanian vehicle across some neighbouring borders and we had been advised that one could be purchased at all crossings.

Sadly, not this one as it was too small and did not have office staff.

The attendant was very apologetic but could not allow us through.

That meant a return to Korce to pick up another road to another crossing point where permits are available. Fortunately there were no trucks on the one way bridge on the return trip.

We needed a coffee and as fortune would have it we chose a boutique cafe where the manager spoke good English. Once learning of our need he made a phone call and within thirty minutes we were in possession of our permit. We were ecstatic.

Rather than return to the 'small' crossing again we took the different route which took us along the edge of Lake Ohrid and some very pretty landscapes. Lunch overlooking the water was a bonus.

Our eventual border crossing was a breeze and our arrival at our unit was a great relief. With views over Lake Ohrid we were ready to relax, but didn't really, we went exploring.

A favourite place had the weird name the Bay of the Bones which was a realistic recreation of a Prehistoric Palafitte settlement dating back to the Bronze and early Iron Ages. We never did find the reason for the title but it certainly was interesting.

Ohrid was a nice town with a great old centre and lively waterfront.

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