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Rain doesn't stop us!!

One of the old buildings

The government building

The beginning of the shopping street - it is the longest in...

An hour later on the shopping street and we are only 1/2...

One of the many squares

I suppose this is one way to decorate - notice there are...

One of the main churches

This is one of the pastries we got to taste

This SMALL (6 liter) bottle of wine is only 10,000 euros

Waiting for the tram back to the ship

April is practicing her polish with Pawel (from Poland)

Georgi took care of our table along with Pawel

Joan, Otis and Gwen enjoying the final evening coffee

Otis and Nathalie (the ship pianist)

The final night for all of the gang

A rainy, cool day today but we've had such good weather all week we shouldn't complain. We just put on several layers, grabbed our umbrellas and off we went with our guide. We took one of the modern trams for several stops to the beginning of the shopping center. Bordeaux has the longest pedestrian shopping walk (several miles) in Europe. Trucks and cars are allowed until 11:00 a.m. to make deliveries to the shops but after that, steel posts about a foot around come up from the street to make barricades.

Bordeaux is a lovely city with buildings from several centuries. The mayor that was elected in 1995 (and is still mayor) started several projects to put the city on the map. He initiated building the three trams lines and cleaning the facades of the limestone buildings as they were black from the smoke from the old wood stoves.

On our 3 hour walk through the shopping center, we saw some buildings from the different eras and stopped for tastings (no wine!!) of elaborate chocolates and pastries. We have the afternoon free to go back into the city if we want but it is raining quick heavily so for me, it will be a relaxing afternoon in the lounge!! We have the Gala farewell cocktail hour and dinner tonight before having to pack to leave in the morning. Seems like this week has flown by and we have enjoyed being together.

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