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Arizona Memorial

Map of Pearl Harbor, 1941

USS Missouri

Arizona Memorial from the USS Missouri

One of my favorite Chardonnays!

Purple rolls!?!

Sunset Monday night

Today, we got up at 5 to get ready to go to Pearl Harbor. We had already purchased our tickets, but they did not include a visit to the Arizona Memorial. They give those out on a first come, first serve basis. So, we were in line before 7 am. And there was a line. I was a little concerned that we didn’t get here early enough. But after getting in, we were rewarded with tickets to visit the Arizona at 7:45. Yay! I can’t express the degree of my disappointment when we were told that there would be no visitors to the Arizona because of damage to the ramp. Instead, the Navy took us out on a boat and we went by the Memorial. Not quite the same. This was the ONE thing I had to do on my only trip to Hawaii. We did end up spending 5 1/2 hours touring around the exhibits. They were nicely done. We bussed over to Ford Island to see the USS Missouri, a nettle ship. Had also gone thru a submarine. What a difference! Claustrophobic on the sub, but quite a bit of space in the ship. Skipped the aviation museum. Getting tired.

On our way back to the hotel, we tried to go to a local poke place that was highly rated, but mobs of people waiting outside, so kept going. Decided to try a place that was just past Dukes on the beach, Hula Grill. Had a heck of a time trying to find it because we never looked up. It was on the second floor! We both tried the ahi poke tacos, raw tuna. Very good! Walked around some shops a bit then headed back to get a little rest. Jim took a dip in the pool while I rested. Then we decided to just head downstairs to the Italian restaurant in our hotel, Arancini. Sat outside enjoying the nice weather and shared a pupu (appetizer) of fried risotto,a salad, then a pizza. They all went well with a glass (or 2) of wine and a beer. Back to the ABC store, which are on every corner, to get another bottle of wine and a 6-pack of beer. Surprised to find one of my favorite Chardonnays only $6.99!

A short amendment to the post from yesterday. Jim did not mention that the wind and the rain made it a very bad hair day! OMG. Also, at our dinner last night at Tiki’s, they served us purple rolls! They get their color from the vegetable, taro which is purple. They were goof, just different looking.

Tomorrow, we will not rush out. Going to stop at the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium, he head to the Dole Plantation. Another day in Paradise!

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