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Yes the gimps did hike Diamond Head. Half way photo.

From the top of Diamond Head.

Hiking map. Whew

Hiked under road in old lava flow hole. Pretty neat

From the Halona Blow hole you have this view

Lunch at Uahi in Kailua. A triple D place. Very good

Byodo Temple in Kane ohe.

We needed a cold one. Turtle Bay resort on North Shore

Waimea Beach outside Sunset Beach. Home to mega surfing.

Sunset from our room.

Day one started early as we wanted to get to Diamond Head around 7am. Glad we did as we beat the crowds.

We hiked the old crater which had a rise of 560 feet. We had a few moments but the new hip and knee did pretty good. Gorgeous view from the top.

We then continued south and east and a big shout out to Cristy and Pete for recommending things to see. We ended up going around the east side and up to the north shore. Saw a good amount of rain but really didn’t deter us much.

After DH we stopped at Halona Blow hole and found the old lava flow hole that went under road. A great view at the ocean.

We made some other stops and stopped for lunch in Kailua and did a search for a triple D place. Uahi did not disappoint. From there it was going north and stopped at the Valley of the Temple and the Byodo Temple. Raining so didn’t get to spend much time.

When we got to the north shore the rain stopped which allowed a stop at one of the beaches which has huge waves in the winter and is known for surfing.

We got back after a long day and saw a great sunset. Out to dinner and up the next morning at 5:00 in order to head to Pearl Harbor.

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