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Enjoying some of the fabulous waterfront architecture!

Our goal! The Columbus Memorial, where he landed after discovering the New...

Columbus proudly points to....somewhere....

Somehow I don't think the native people see it quite the same...

The very first elevator in Barcelona is a tight squeeze!

Fabulous view of Las Ramblas from the top of the Memorial!

Could Columbus have imagined the cruise ships of today?

The lovely wine museum showcases local vino for very reasonable prices

Goodbye Costa Cruise! We loved you!

Only a morning for Barcelona? Luckily, we’ve been to this amazing city twice before, and its one of our favorite cities in all of Europe, with its Gaudi architecture, its modern art museums full of cubism and surrealism, masterpieces by Dali and Miro and Picasso, its tapas and vibrant Spanish culture. In fact, on our first trip to Spain, we were looking through the guidebook on the plane and decided we just had to make the journey to Barcelona, and ended up buying with our Dali lithograph from the Picasso Museum. So after the Malaga fiasco, and knowing that we will be returning to Barcelona to board our repositioning cruise from Europe back to the States in December, we agreed on a very unambitious agenda.

Straight off the boat, the port is about a half hour from the city center. If anywhere on this cruise was worthy of an investment into the “shuttle” into town, this was it. It does look like there is a public bus that we can take, so we will definitely do some further research on that! The walk was long but pleasant and very picturesque.

We easily reached our goal, the Columbus monument. Apparently, he chose Barcelona as his port of return after his “discovery” of the new world. In 1888 a monument was constructed to commemorate this achievement as part of the World Expo. In fact, the elevator was the very first one in the entire city, so at 60 feet high it was quite thrilling! We took many photos, selfies, and people eating icecream (lol). The outside of the monument has four statues commemorating four continents, as well as bas-relief murals of Columbus’s life. Venturing inside, we discovered that the site also houses a small wine museum. For 6 euros, you can ride the elevator to the top of the monument. For 8 euros, you also get a glass of regional wine. Guess which ticket we chose?

The tiny elevator was tight and definitely reminiscent of a much earlier century. The views from the top of the Ramblas, La Sagrada Familia, and other wonders were well worth the trip. As we peered back at the pier, with its three gigantic ships docked ready to take thousands of guests to and from the new worth, I again wondered at what Columbus would have thought of the end result of his journey today. Could he ever have conceived of the type of ship that just brought us across the Atlantic? What about the cell phone in the boy’s hand as he leaned on the monument? At any rate, having explored his first civilization in Santo Domingo, we felt like we had come full circle by reaching the spot where he had docked after that incredible journey. And somehow I bet that Columbus enjoyed a glass of local wine as well!

So our cruise has come to an end and we are so sorry to leave the ship. We discovered that we tended to befriend the young crew, getting chummy with the Filipino stewards, swapping stories with the servers, cracking up with the energetic Italian teacher and dance instructor. We seemed to have a lot more in common with the staff than the people on the cruise, many of which were not much older than we are! I guess youth really is a state of mind. At any case, we are so sad to say goodbye. We loved our repo cruise and are eager to take the next one. But first, Europe!

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