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I slept fitfully last night but was up at 6:30 to prepare a pot of coffee to share with my sleeping beauty. I was dressed and ready to lead a tour of the Mark Twain Cave by 9:30. Unfortunately the school group didn’t arrive until 10:15 so my tour was rushed to say the least. I managed to relate all of the important information but the descriptive details were fewer in number than normal.

Our friends Denny & Jackie arrived around 12:45 and we drove to town to have lunch at the Brewery. We were joined by Steve & Jackie as well as Steve & Cathy. So we had two Jackie’s and two Steve’s in our happy little band.

We lingered long after our lunch had been consumed, just enjoying the easy conversation and laughter together. We missed Bob & Janet who would have liked to be with us.

Back at the RV, Denny & Jackie and Steve & Jackie joined us for an impromptu happy hour on our patio. Again the conversation and laughter were easy and relaxed with friends enjoying the company of one another.

We made some tentative plans for tomorrow but as soon as I checked my schedule I knew that we had no extra time above what we already had scheduled, not only for tomorrow but also for Wednesday.

One thing we know for sure is that Life is Good!

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