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Park entrance

Baboons in the road

Picnic place




Cay buffalo

Ranger and saviour Happi

Picnic lunch with guide Adam


Flamingos flying

Today we went to Arusha National Park for an all day game drive. We had breakfast at 8:00, met the "briefer" -company guy - at 8:30 and headed to the park at 9:30. It took about 45 minutes to get to the gate. We drove on a very bumpy muddy road in the rain and saw lots of baboons, giraffes, zeebras, Cay Buffalo, warthogs, water bucks and flamingos. We Had a lovely picnic box lunch over looking a lake.

Then we met a park ranger named happy, with a big gun, and took a walk through the grasslands for about 90 minutes. The sun came out. We walked through swampy areas to a waterfall, lovely. On the way back,We were blocked by Buffalo. We started started to go around but there was another herd of buffalo. Our guide led us safely by... walk, wait, walk... the buffalo slowly moved away! Whew!

Home and dinner at the lodge, very good! Rained again before we ate. Weather was cool and comfortable all day.

This park has the Momela Lakes, the craters and the forests. It has the black and white colobus monkey, red duiker and shy bushbuck in the forests, lots of bird life including flamingos, and giraffes.

You can see Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet), the highest mountain in Africa. It was mostly in the clouds!

John "Pombe" ... is the President on Tanzania and very popular with the people. People are given a middle name reminiscent of the day they were born. This middle name means inebriated. John's father had too much alcohol on the day he was born. Space the example Our guide gave would be: today is rainy and slippery so we would name Cindy "Slippery Cindy". It may stick!

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