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Here we go again, trying to catch up. Yesterday I led a tour of Mark Twain Cave in the morning, and then had time to change clothing and grab a bite to eat before driving to Palmyra to see the Doctor.

I seem to be in pretty good health but the Doctor did increase my BP medication to a 10 mg pill once per day. Marilyn has several more procedures scheduled before we leave for Colorado and once we return here in September. When we finished with the doctor stuff yesterday we met Jennifer at the High School and brought our granddaughter home with us.

She loves corned beef with cabbage, onions, and potatoes so we had fixed that for her and she wanted to spend the night with us too. We enjoyed that delicious dinner with ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate for dessert. We watched two animated movies before going to bed and hoped for a good night of sleep.

This morning we were up early in order to be at Jennifer’s home by 8:30 so we could stay with the grandkids while Jennifer ran errands. After a short visit, I left to drive to Monroe City to have new tires put on Marilyn’s car. After that little chore I drove back to the house where I played some basketball with Colby and Lauren. Jennifer returned and we visited with her for some time before driving home.

The remainder of the day we took care of schedules, made some difficult decisions, and “took care of business”. Our schedule is a nightmare and it appears that it will remain difficult to manage until we leave here on June 6th. We have many irons in the fire right now but one day we will be sitting beside a nice campfire with a hot cup of coffee, with the mountain scenery bringing a sense of serenity to our morning. Life is Good!

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