Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Canaletto Hotel where we are staying

Goods Delivery in Venice

Nan and Iain on Bridges in Venice

Longest straight Canal we have seen in Venice

Venice from Lido

Lido Waterfront

Motor Bikes on Lido, Specially for Hunter Hilkewich

We set off after breakfast to see how Nan would get to the airport tomorrow. It was another sunny day, with just a few puffy clouds. We took a fast boat to the Piazzale Roma and tracked down the bus stop for the airport. We then wandered round looking at some canals in an area we had not previously visited. We came back to the pier and took a slow boat all the way down the Grand canal and across to Lido where we bought sandwiches for lunch from a poor woman we managed to confuse completely. We walked along the waterfront and found a seat to sit and eat our lunch. We then went over to the other side of Lido and walked along the beach for quite a distance while Christine picked shells for her collection.

We wound our way slowly back to the pier for the boat and bought ice creams, managing to confuse the same woman even further. We returned to Venice where we got off further from St. Mark's Square than usual and walked along the front to the square. Nan had been looking for a table cloth, so we went through the shopping area while she looked for one, which she eventually found in a store in St. Bartholomew's Square.

I went to an Internet cafe to book our flight from London to Edinburgh. The ladies set off back to the hotel. I was just finishing when they appeared. They had got lost, but fortunately had found the Internet Cafe! We returned to the hotel after investigating some other streets, and got ready for dinner.

We ate at a restaurant through the square and round the corner from the hotel. Venice must be one of the few places where addresses mean nothing. Going by their addresses, this restaurant and the hotel should be virtually next door to each other, but are not even in the same street! As someone passed us with an open map, Nan commented that that will not do him much good. Venice is the only place I ever recall being where I had a map and still got lost.

We enjoyed our dinner and then went for a stroll though St. Mark's Square and listened to the Dueling Orchestras for a while. We then went round by the waterfront and through some streets we had not explored before, then back through the square to the hotel.

Tomorrow we will go with Nan to where she gets the bus to the airport and see if we can find where we are to board our ship on Tuesday. After that we will see what we do.

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