Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Motor Launch and Venice

Canal in Murano

Floating Fruit and Flower Stall in Murano

Canal in Burano

Burano Leaning Tower - not as famous as Pisa

Rialto Bridge from Vaporetto

Gondolas on the Grand Canal

Acadamie Bridge over Grand Canal

Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Cathedral

Pigeons in St. Mark's Square

Bridge of Sighs

Evening - Looking over San Giorgio Island

This morning dawned bright and blue, so after breakfast we walked, with a few missteps to a pier where we could get a vaporetto to Murano, the island where glass blowers were banished to many years ago so that they would not burn down Venice. We went to a factory and watched them blowing a vase, then wandered through back streets to the main part of the town, admiring the stores and street (or canal) scenes. We wound our way round to another pier where we were able to get another vaporetto to Burano, an island which specializes in lace. We stopped at a cafe and had lunch while the remainder of the boatload of tourists made their way into the town. Once fed, we were able to browse in peace, as the tourists had moved along. We like to pretend that we are visitors, not tourists!

Having been very good at avoiding spending money on items so far, we splurged today as we will not have many more times to lug our cases around, or heave them onto the luggage racks in the trains. I am becoming quite expert in the latter. Yesterday there was a grandmother and granddaughter from Australia with two cases and nowhere to put them, so I helped stow them overhead, then an elderly lady got on who could not reach the rack with her relatively light case, so I helped her too. Needless to say, I had to get them all down again, as well as our own three when we reached Venice. We did indulge in a buying spree today, securing gifts for family and friends for our return and possibly for birthdays and Christmases to come.

We really enjoyed these two islands as they are quiet compared to Venice and have an atmosphere different from most of the places where we have been.

We took another vaporetto back to Venice and walked to our hotel where we unloaded our purchases then walked over to Rialto Bridge and got a fast vaporetto to the train station where we got on a slow vaporetto down the Grand Canal, consulting Rick Steve's guide on the way for a commentary on the various buildings we passed. It was interesting seeing these places from the water. Most we had not seen at all, and some we had seen from land.

We got off at St. Mark's Square and looked at the Bridge of Sighs from both ends. It is so named because prisoners supposedly sighed at their last sight of the outside world when on their way from the court to the dungeons of the Dogie's Palace. We started looking for somewhere to eat and again had a good meal at a restaurant a block off St. Mark's Square. Afterwards we strolled over to the Rialto Bridge and back to our hotel.

It was a day of constant sunshine and a dark cloud coming out of the Dolomites missed us.

Tomorrow we may see the inside of some of the sights we have only viewed externally. Hopefully the weather will be as good as today. It is hard to believe Nan will be packing tomorrow night in preparation for her departure for Scotland on Sunday.

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