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It’s time to catch up with the blog. Yesterday we spent the morning trying to get up to speed. We arranged things, set up a few more items, made some phone calls, and shopped for groceries. Our daughter and the grandkids drove in to spend the afternoon with us. Marilyn and Lauren cleaned and re-arranged some storage areas while visiting with Jennifer. Colby and I drove out to Huckleberry Park to a softball field where some young men were practicing. We asked about playing catch in the outfield and they were fine with that, but we ended up shagging fly balls for them. They rewarded Colby by pitching to him and he impressed them by hitting quite well.

Today we began our day with a drive to the Clinic for Marilyn to have blood drawn for her appointment tomorrow afternoon. Because she was fasting until after that procedure we drove straight to McDonalds for coffee and a bite to eat.

We drove home after that and I connected the DISH antenna and called to ask that we receive local channels. Now all is well with the TV setup. Marilyn did laundry and changed the bed linen and we drove to Palmyra to pick up the grandkids after school, then took them home and stayed until it was time for Colby's baseball practice. It was 8:15 when we arrived back at the RV, had a bite to eat, and a welcome night of sleep. Life is Good!

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