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A perfect shot of the Pitons!

"Drive in volcano" near Sourfriere

A quick waterfall opp

Cool pirate boat lingers at the scene of Pirates of the Caribbean

Fran toasts the day with his Piton brewsky!

We ran into another transportation snag after debarking in St. Lucia. We had hoped to take a local bus from our port city of Castries to the more beautiful former capital of Soufriere, in the south. However, that plan was quickly scrapped because the local buses don’t run on Sunday. Instead, we decided to bite the bullet and take the pricey “Sea and Land” tour, which turned out to be a perfect day for us. They provided a large (aka stable and dry) boat down to Soufriere, pointing out a bay and even a boat where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, as well as some small fishing villages. About an hour south of the harbor, as we rounded the corner, the Pitons came into view. Two spectacular cones rise out of the sea, with some pretty beaches around the bases. We were whisked through the pleasant, sleepy French-influenced town a short way into the hilly interior, to the “world’s only drive in volcano.” The bus dropped us off next to a bubbling, hissing, pit of volcanic activity and we got a bit of information along with a surfuric whiff. Back on the bus, and we headed to a waterfall in the rainforest surrounding the area for a busy, chilly dip before returning to the boat. It took us directly to the national park at the base of the titons, where a section was cordoned off for snorkelers. Fran and I were absolutely astonished at all the cool sealife there, as well as some interesting coral. Amongst the large schools of ballyhoo and creole wrasse, we saw a huge jellyfish, eels, and scorpionfish. We had a blast and give St. Lucia a big thumbs up! The local rum and Piton beer served on the ride home certainly helped the cause!

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