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Hilo, as well

Hilo waterfalls

Four months is a long time. We almost skipped Hawaii. We feel like January in Morocco could have been last year or the year before.

Time gets compressed on the road. So many new places, people, and experiences day after day weigh on time.

It's important to keep a record, as compressed time weighs on your memory.

Don't underestimate culture shock. It includes weather, traffic, media, as well as food, language, religion, and wealth (or lack thereof).

Travel with friends is better than traveling alone. But choose your friends wisely. We were fortunate to travel with excellent friends.

Being a guest is better than being a tourist.

Off season is better than high season.

When we go with a tour, we try to go with small groups and with people from other countries. We learn more.

We try to find what's unique about a country and experience that uniqueness. A waterfall is a waterfall is a waterfall, and unless it's unique maybe not worth the time. An active volcano is hard to come by.

Our definition of home may be changing. For Mo, home has been where she'll sleep that night. Now she talks about home as our Olympia place. Friends, family, bed and pillow that fit, a new kayak, and her cats are calling. For me, my friends and family, the Sounders, the ballet, a new tooth (I'm getting an implant), and a place to write are calling.

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