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This morning Marilyn & I went for a nice walk around the campground here. We saw not even one other person and it appears that we have the entire place to ourselves. Yesterday we saw only two people, a young couple who played basketball within eyesight of our site. I was tempted to join them just to shoot some hoops but chose to relax instead.

Marilyn & I drove over to the Fort where we were given the use of a golf cart to take a self-guided tour of the old fort. I purchased a book titled “The Frontier World of Fort Griffin” written by Charles Robinson III. On the back cover of his book he has this to say about the fort.

“Fort Griffin, Texas, is rarely used in the same sentence with Dodge City, Deadwood and Tombstone, yet this frontier town was every bit as tough as these places in brutal history. Vigilantes, lynchings, ladies of easy virtue, buffalo hunting, gambling, posses, and lawmen as bad as the outlaws they jailed, Fort Griffin had it all. Commonly known as the Flat, Fort Griffin grew from a military post facing Indian trouble, to a spirited rough-hewn frontier community, only to burn out in a matter of decades. Within that time it helped mold characters equal to any of legend.

John Larn, the Flat’s second sheriff, a great lawman, was also a cattle thief and killer, who died as violently as he had lived. Colonel Ranald MacKenzie, commanding officer of the Fourth Cavalry, was the man whose savvy would eventually end the Indian attacks that had plagued Fort Griffin and surrounding territories. Lottie Deno was the celebrity of Fort Griffin, with a mysterious past and uncommon elegance for women in her trade.

Fort Griffin had all the makings of the legendary western town. Its story is one of passion, anger, lawlessness, and occasional justice.”

Being full-time RV folks it sure is fun to explore and learn about our great history. Life is Good!

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