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Algiers la Blanche

Algiers la Blanche

Buildings up close

Beautiful monuments

Looking up

Worlds second tallest mosque tower

No room at the mosque so hit the sidewalks and streets

They pray 5 times a day

All activities stop

History: Algiers, Algeria is known as “ Alger la Blanche” for its white buildings gleaming on the Mediterranean. The city’s pinnacle of historic splendor, Algiers casbah, crowns this hilltop. It is a maze of stone warrens.

Another Muslim country that has done a great job in brainwashing their people. We had to have a special police escort, every corner we passed had police with Uzi’s, but we were told numerous times this was the seventh safest city in the world, right up there with Switzerland. Medical, education, food are all free or subsidies by the government, then we drive by the hospitals, schools and food depots, no thank you, enjoy your life.

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