Western Europe April 2018 travel blog

I settled to sleep at 3a. With nothing planned, awakening late was no problem. We were able to change rooms to a quiet room at the back of the hotel. Nice. As we missed breakfast, we bought breakfast crepes...ham, cheese and eggs...at the corner store. We then walked the 4-5 blocks to the Orsay Museum.

The Orsay Museum is housed in the old train station. The high arched ceilings gave it a spacious feeling. The center is open with sculptures displayed. An old large gold (colored) framed clock hangs high above the entrance. 6 floors along the sides have rooms both large and small that display paintings by many of the impressionists. We spent 4 hours wandering around stopping to listen to descriptions of paintings we liked. I was surprised to find myself liking some of Van Gogh's paintings. There were many by Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Renoir and others that we liked.

The weather is again warm and sunny. It is more humid. Thunder and lightening woke us at 5a followed by a light rain.

After the museum, we walked back and changed. We caught a cab to the Moulin Rouge. We asked when they opened and had dinner across the road. We were joined by a couple from New Jersey and a couple from Halifax. All were on their way to the Moulin Rouge.

Our seats were up front on the right side of the room. The stage was in 3 parts. The center stretched across rhe entire room.

The show started promptly at 9p. Costumes were sparkly...fantastic really. Yes there were some that were topless but not all.

The show was interesting with lots of dancing and humour. One part was comprised of clowns, another had a girl performing in a tank of water with anaconda. Acrobats performed. Rollerbladers managed many stunts similar to ice skating pairs on a small raised stage. Miniature ponies were lead around the stage. The can-can was performed. In a giant hula hoop, two did acrobats as it twirled about center stage. The grand finale involved lots of pink boas and glittery pink showgirl costumes. We laughed as the closest dancer seemed to twirl her boas through a lady's hair each time she twirled. The first time it was an accident.

When the show finished we easily caught a cab back home. We went for a nightcap and have settled.

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