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she's been to the water's edge......

.......and into the snowy Alps .....

...... she's even been hailed on and showered with muddy rain .....

..... and through it all she has been a great companion

Having now completed three months on the road the time had arrived to hand in the car keys and head off to Albania for another adventure.

Our Italian experience was extremely rewarding and although there were many scary situations the positives definitely came out on top.

It was a tad sad to farewell our hire car, she had performed admirably. The little Fiat Punto had been through situations it probably had never experienced before, especially the 'Dukes of Hazard' airborne maneuvers we unintentionally put her through.

She had been mud-rained on and hailed on. Driven over pot holes, loose rocks, flooded and snow covered roads. She's been along mud tracks, goat tracks, gravel roads, fast roads and slow roads.

And on top of all that she's been squeezed through areas that at times seemed impossible.

Incredibly we returned her with no real damage …. at least not visibly.

We had done very well.

Arrividerci Italy ….. and thank you Punto.

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