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Road to and from the Mesa. Notice the snow covered mountains. Would...

Montezuma Valley

A few of the homes of the Pueblo people.

Square Tower House

One of the communities

Wild horses

View from above

Rocky Mountains

Absolute awesome day... well worth the trip! It was a chilly and windy day and as it was early in the season several sites were not yet open or closed due to the wind. We actually had snow flurries while there. That said there were still many visitors. I can only imagine how crowded this national park is in warmer weather when school is out.

(a little aside - used our America the Beautiful pass and got in free. If you don't have one and are planning a trip you may wish to look into purchasing one)

The history of the Mesa Verde and its inhabitants is fascinating. The pueblo people lived in these communities carved out of the stone under the cliffs for over 700 years. The Visitor and Research Center is full of information. We visited the museum and watched a 45 minute film on the Pueblo people. They were amazing architects and engineers ... I could have watched it a 2nd time. We drove all the loops open and stopped at every overlook. Each view was more spectacular than the next. There are over 600 cliff dwellings and many archeological sites.

In our drive we saw huge beautiful turkeys with feathers fanned, herds of deer and wild horses. There was no place to stop to get pictures as there were no pullovers and traffic behind us but I did manage a picture of a couple of the horses. We were told there is also bear on the mesa but we did not see any.

I don't know what more to say other than if you have the opportunity to travel, this should be on your must see list. I'm not a good picture taker but hope the pictures I have taken and posted give you an idea of the beauty and history of the mesa verde.

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