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CCC-built Refectory

from inside to the lake

Refectory lakeside

Sweet pair of Scissor-tail Flycatchers

Date: April 20, 2018

Tonight’s Location: Mathis, TX

Campground: Wilderness Lake RV

Weather: Partly sunny

Temperature: start 59º

High 79º

Wildlife count: Cottontail Rabbit

Year List: 277

Birds: Blackburnian Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Eastern Kingbird

It was a wonderful relaxing morning, a little cool at the start, but we bundled and walked a trail out of the campground, which seemed to go nowhere, and we didn’t see any birds. However, after we turned back and got to the trail entrance, where the trees stopped and grass started – a good edge – birds were everywhere, and it was hard to keep up with them! There were lots of beautiful blue Indigo Buntings – mostly males. As we walked along the edge, John caught movement and discovered the two warblers, we were a little surprised but pleased, to see them this far inland during migration. There was also what looked like a pure-bred Muscovy Duck on the pond, along with several other varieties.

The next stop was Corpus Christi Lake State Park, which is quite large. We walked the trail to the bird blind, finding our first-of-season Eastern Kingbirds, and saw both the Brown-crested and Great-crested Flycatchers, giving us good time to study the differences in the two species. The campgrounds there are pretty, but made for very small trailers in the RV section – pads on which rigs are parked are around 12’ long. There were several folks camping – the weather was perfect even though this is not high season. We also found several shorebirds as we drove and walked the shoreline.

We enjoyed the views from the CCC-built Refectory. A refectory would have been used in a monastery or seminary as the dining area, and this had a room, currently used as an office space, which could have been the kitchen when the CCC boys completed it back in the 1940’s. It was lovely – difficult to maintain, but the park is doing a good job with it.

After lunch in town, McD’s, we came home and worked on paperwork, then enjoyed sitting outdoors in the sunshine. We had to have a paper notarized and finding a notary in a small Texas town required several phone calls, and 4 stops before we found one available. BUT, we got the job done!

Dinner was a new recipe – Sesame Chicken in the Slow Cooker. The sauce was a scratch mix of honey, soy, garlic and onion. We added rice and veggies, and it was excellent. Relaxing tonight and getting ready to leave in the morning.

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