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Thursday market right outside the front door of the hotel

Thursday market

Musee d'Orsay from across the Seine

Musee d'Orsay interior

Musee d'Orsay

La Femme a l'ombrelle by Aristede Maillol

Me and Sacre Couer

Spring in the Tuileries


Next door patisserie

Why do I say Spring/Summer? Well, yesterday the high was 80F and today it was 82F. I loved seeing everyone out in their shorts and sleeveless dresses, soaking up the sun. Luckily I came prepared with some summer clothing in case the weather got hot and plenty of sunblock which I slathered on myself before leaving the hotel.

Walking outside the front door, the Thursday market was in full force on the sidewalk. When I arrived yesterday I noticed the metal piping for the stalls with the covers turned back and presumed the market was probably on the weekend, Mais non! It was bustling with fruit and vegetable, clothing vendors, etc. hawking their wares. This evening all evidence of the market was removed when I returned around 6:00pm.

This morning I took the Metro to the Louvre and had breakfast at a cafe on the Rue de Rivoli; I held back from going back to Cafe Angelina - it was a tough call. Then I walked through Tuileries Gardens and across the bridge to Musee d'Orsay, my favorite museum in Paris. While I didn't make it to very exhibit, I did see a lot, including my beloved Impressionists. I took a break for lunch at the Restaurant and then finished seeing a few things at a leisurely pace. Since I will likely come back to the museum next week when Steph and Dennis are here, I didn't feel compelled to make sure I covered it all. There is so much there!

I then spent an hour in the shade in the Tuileries, reading Katherine Graham's autobiography. It was a lovely and leisurely afternoon.

Tomorrow is a very early day as my train departs at 7:30, headed to Limoges where Betty and Pierre will pick me up and I will spend two nights with them at Les Pouleries. I'm looking forward to seeing them and wonder if they will have some gardening chores for me to do. I'm happy I to oblige, if so!

Did I mention today that I love Paris? ❤️❤️

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