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There is something to be said for that feeling of freedom in driving down the open road with your home attached to the truck. Of course in a motorhome you are driving from the living room of your house, only with the seats turned toward the large window in the front. Our friend Jesse enjoys travel days but I am not in that camp. Oh I don’t mind the travel as much as I do the preparation for travel.

We left our place in Retama Village at 8:20 on Sunday morning and were within 65 miles of San Antonio when Marilyn & Ginger texted each other. Jesse & Ginger were on the loop around San Antonio at the time so we were about an hour plus ten minutes behind them. Jesse said they were going slow through a construction zone. At that time we were nearly at the turnoff to go on the “backroads” to bypass San Antonio. That takes a bit longer but is nice road with little traffic to contend with.

Jesse & Ginger arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort at 1:10 PM and we arrived at 2:30 PM. It sure was nice to see these good friends again. We all went to dinner at “Mamacita’s” and enjoyed our time together.

This morning (Monday) we awoke to cool temperatures and a clear blue sky. Marilyn & I took our time with the coffee and enjoyed immensely the leisure morning.

Jesse walked over from next door and helped me with some TV issues and with a valve extender on the inside dually truck tire. Marilyn & I took our showers, cleaned the inside of the RV and enjoyed a fine day as the temperature rose to 80 degrees and not one cloud appeared to block the sunshine. The nice breeze insured a “perfect” day. Life is Good!

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