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We are almost finished with our preparations for leaving. Of course there are several items which are done just before hooking up and pulling out tomorrow morning. Things like water and electric disconnect, making sure the lights are all working properly, etc. But for today, the only remaining task is to finish a blog and get it posted so that I may then disconnect the Wi-Fi modem and give it to Jim to turn in for me when the office is open again.

Once we leave here the Wi-Fi will be touch & go if we have it at all. You may not see a blog posted until we are in Topeka or even in Hannibal. I’ll try to let you all know how the journey is going and I will continue to write every day even if I cannot post something each day.

We enjoyed a nice lunch with friends Mike & Marian and Chuck & Coletta, and would like to have had more time but we still had things to do. It didn’t take long after we returned from lunch and we did stop to chat with friends Jim & Linda over the fence in the back yard.

The wind was blowing hard when I used the spray lubricant on the slide mechanism and the jacks and now I have watering eyes from the spray. Bummer!

Tomorrow we plan to be at Buckhorn Lake & RV Resort in Kerrville, Texas where we’ll meet friends Jesse & Ginger before moving on to Fort Griffin State Park for two nights. A short stay in Elk City, Oklahoma to have some repair work done on the RV by the best RV place in the country, Rolling Retreats RV Sales, will be followed by two nights in Topeka, Kansas. Then on to Hannibal, Missouri where those grandkids will be hugged until their eyes bug out. LOL Life is Good!

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