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Sam in the Four Corners

Open Range

Open Range


Seven Sailors because of flat hats






Setting Hen Butte

Just hanging on




The morning began with some maintenance on the truck and rv trying to release both vehicles of tons of sand from yesterdays drive. Nothing like a leaf blower to get the job done. In the last 36 hours we have gone from warm 80's and calm, to high winds and a sandstorm and today has been windy and in low 50's. Snow showers have been all around us but thankfully we have not had any of that.

After the cleanup we headed to visit The Four Corners.

The Four Corners monument is located on the Colordo Plateau Southwest of Cortez, Colorado. It quads Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. It is a tourist attraction by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department and WIKI has a great history lesson about it. This has been on Sam's checklist and now we can check it off. He has always wanted to be in 4 places at once and now he has. It took all of 5 minutes and a picture.

There are beautiful red plateaus and buttes that go on forever while the landscape is dotted with oil wells and natural gas processing facilities. It is also an open range area making travelers aware of wild horses, donkeys and dogs herding sheep all along the roads.

The afternoon brought a 17 mile drive through the Valley of the Gods, a scenic backcountry area in southeastern Utah, near Mexican Hat. It is similar to that of Monument Valley and offers isolated buttes, towering pinnacles and wide open spaces. Many of the pinnacles have names and your imagination can create other names as well. Unlike Monument Valley, there are no restrictions on hiking or camping. We encountered several rv's tucked away all along the road which is unpaved, sandy and bumpy and has some very steep sections. I found it to be a fun drive. It is said to be a star gazers dream that has absolutely no light pollution.

Back to the campground for a quick shower and then a fantastic meal at a local restaurant that had the best homemade pecan pie we have ever eaten and another full day comes to an end.

Sam has just informed me that tomorrow we will drive the most dangerous road listed in Utah, The Moki Dugway Drive. This could be my last posting(: ???? It brings to my mind some of the roads in Alaska that had me hugging the other side of the rv.

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