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Our guide Gabi on the walk like a Roman tour. Stop one....

On a serious note we passed some Memorial Stones.

Second stop. Pizza.

Fried deliciousness. Rice, sauce, and mozzarella.

Another stop. Meat and cheese.

The dessert was a coffee ice with whipped cream.

Our last stop as we walked like Romans. Cannoli. Yeah I know..."Leave...

Bob's tour. Trajan's column.

The Roman Forum from the Palitinr Hill.

Circus Maximus. Think Ben Hur.

The Colosseum without the rain.

Betsy thought balloon..."the last time I was on a train was....9th grade!"

The bookbinder Luciano across the street from the Last Supper entrance. We...

It was magnificent. (Betsy in the lower left with light blue jacket.)

Aside from the tech journal I (Bob) keep an old fashioned journal...

A few nervous moments before we finally met but in the end...

On Wednesday we had to tackle the bus system. Even with a map and asking help from a variety of Italians it was a tough way to start the day. But we found Gabriel and 3 other Pennsylvanians for something Bob called "walk like a Roman Day" so many times I can't remember what it's really called. But it was fun! Our guide was a Roman local and he took us on a food walking tour. We sampled fresh fruit from an outside market, margherita pizza, cookies from his favorite bakery, another dessert (Bob help me out here) proisciutto and cheese, and this fried ball of deliciousness. All very tasty. He talked about Rome and other areas of Italy and it was good. Had to do busses again to get back to our area and was again a little stressful. I went home (ok bailed) and Bob went back to forum area that we got rained out of on Monday.

Bob won't let me carry my own metro/bus ticket anymore. Besides soaking my first one on Monday so it couldn't work in the turnstiles, I've lost one outright and dropped one that landed under a woman's suitcase. On hands and knees to recover it. Anyway had a lovely meal in the neighborhood and then didn't sleep because of same rowdy neighborhood!

Took an early train to Milan on Thursday and that was great. To check in for our hotel we had to go a nearby cafe. We paid there and got our keys but had to wait because our room wasn't ready. But that's ok because we met the fantastic Marco! He's the hardest working man you've ever met and he was very helpful (and gave us free coffee). We found our metro connection to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie church for our scheduled viewing of the Last Supper. It was amazing and well worth the trip. We also met a bookbinder named Luciano who was a neat guy. After gelato we made it back to our hotel to wait for Leslie. Although this trip was originally planned because she had taken a 6 month work project here, the company sent her to Stockholm for 6 weeks. So she had to fly to Milan to meet us! Because of some difficulty with our phones we messed up our meeting place and each thought the other was dead by the side of the road , for awhile. It all worked out of course and we walked home in the pouring rain.

Bob here. After Betsy left went back to our apartment on Wednesday I continued on to the Roman ruins that we did not see in the rain. They were great to see and the view from the Palatine Hill was worth the price of admission. The Last Supper was truly amazing. It was more impressive than I imagined.

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