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Breakfast at Bailiez cafe and bar with a nice coffee -something we’ve struggled to find at times. A quick visit to the souvenir shop before heading off in the drizzling depressing rain. The lake at Te Anau had again disappeared into a mist and cloud.

We headed off for Wanaka for lunch. There were many snow capped mountains along our way with more snow falling over night. Mysteriously you see one mountain fully covered in snow but the ones on either side just have a dusting . Such beautiful sights but not picked up on the camera or phone as it is just shades of grey... 50 even!!!!

We travelled along the banks of Lake Wakatipu for at least an hour before heading inland and eventually headed away from the lake for a short time before hitting the outskirts of Queenstown. At no point could we see Queenstown or any other signs of civilisation.

Wanaka was, as I expected, full of autumn colours (something we have not seen much of as NZ is full of evergreens, which surprised me, as I expected it to be more like Victoria) and very pretty. The township is nestled on the lake and lunch was in a pub that was opposite the lake. As is the tradition, I tried a new Chardonnay (a St Arthur) which was, as has been the trend, beautiful. The weather cleared for our visit and gave us many photos opportunities.

On the road again we found the odd pretty waterfall that were randomly falling down the side of the mountains. We came across another beautiful lake not far from Wanaka called Lake Hawea. A quick duck into the right showed us a beautiful piece of scenery with the backdrop of snow capped mountains. We travelled alongside of this lake for at least 30 minutes. We then crossed a narrow strip of land and what we thought was a new lake appeared on our left. It was also massive. A sign for photo op came up telling us it was Lake Wanaka. We travelled along side it for ages. I’m not sure which lake on the South Island is the biggest but Lake Taupo is NZ’s biggest lake and it must be mind boggling Love you babe big having seen Wakatipu, Wanaka and Hawea today.

We travelled along Haast pass through the ranges which took us along the gorge edge without seemingly going up too much but our descent although not long was steep at times and a motorcyclists dream. Then suddenly we were in Haast. We were out of Haast as quick as we were in. It appears Haast is a township of two streets containing 10 houses, a merino possum warehouse, a convenience store, a cafe, a pub, motel and our caravan park. This is spread over probably 2 kms. Don’t sneeze. Haast beach has a corner store where we bought them out of frozen meals for dinner ... lol!!!

Tomorrow the glaciers and back to Greymouth to see what didn’t on the first visit before we head back to Christchurch.

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