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St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson AZ


Today Emily and I packed up at Jeff’s and began traveling north. Had some RV work done first at a great place in Tucson called Freedom RV, so only had time to make it a bit north of Phoenix tonight. Emily found this RV park in one of her books, so while traveling north on I-10 she called and booked us for two nights sight unseen. I asked her how much it cost per night and she said she forgot to ask. Oh oh! We arrived a bit after 6pm and can report it is an RV resort. Yes, a real resort. 1,139 sites!!! As of the time of this posting, we still don’t know how much was charged to (my) credit card!!! When we got to the entrance we discovered it is a gated community. The guy at the guard shack gave us our arrival packet, and I was afraid he was going to read us all the rules. Lucky thing is that he just told us to read the rule book. Well we did. It is 13 pages long!!! (we are only going to be here 2 nights…how many rules can we really break???) Actually, the rules are 14 pages long because there is one page just for dogs!!! We instructed Joey to read his page. Good news is that we were “Marshaled” in to our site by a real nice guy. Our entire site is only about twice the size of our motor home and adjacent to the dumpsters and recycling bins. I guess we can make that a positive by saying we don’t have to go far with our garbage and recycling.

Earlier today while the RV work was being done, we did something we had not done the entire time we have been in Tucson; we checked out downtown Tucson. Wow…we have been missing a lot. Finally got a chance to post another of my “Church of the Day” posts on Facebook. We visited St. Augustine Cathedral. Wow y’all…it is beautiful. The parish was first formed in 1776 (Tucson population 600), but construction at the present site began in 1862. The priest held services out doors, but everyone was required to bring an adobe brick. Following the service the bricks were stacked. There have been several renovations since, with the most current renovation being completed in 1968. I guess I will have to say it is another on those Tucson’s “must see” I have mentioned before.

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