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Scenic overlook between Vegas and Scottsdale

North Troon Golf course

Big rock in the fairway...

Golfing buddies and budette

Mama owl and her baby owlet

Trail ride. 500 year old saguaro cactus!

Beautiful horses.

Like all our other drives, Vegas to Scottsdale was very beautiful with everything from mountains to desert. These deserts had a stark difference from the ones we had seen earlier in our trip. A greater variety of cactus. Especially the Joshua trees and saguaro cactus. The locals told us there should have been a lot more flowers blooming but the drought out here has prevented that.

We have been in Scottsdale for two days and we have thoroughly enjoyed it!! It is a beautiful city. Our first day was all about desert golf. We made a tee time at North Troon, one of the best desert courses in area. It did not disappoint! Janice rode shotgun while I played. She enjoyed the awesome scenery and the little bunny rabbits that are all over the place. We were paired up with a couple from Canada and a gentleman from Kansas City. It was a good group! Everyone was out here to have fun. The course was in excellent shape and we really enjoyed playing it.

After golf we road to Old town Scottsdale. What a cool place! It is old school western with a mix of modern chic. We found a new restaurant, Blue Clover Distillery. We sat outside and had a wonderful dinner and libations. We then put the top down and cruised the streets of old town for about thirty minutes.

The next day was our trail ride on horseback. We wanted to do it in Zion National Park but did not have the time. We booked the one and a half hour private ride. That allows you to get the horses to trot and gallop instead of just walking the entire trail. The ride was awesome!! We saw all kinds of critters, coyotes, rabbits, chipmunks and a mama owl with her baby owlet. Our guide took us to a saguaro cactus that’s over 500 years old. This was huge!! See photo.

Next stop, Tombstone.

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