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Last night's Albergue


Keeping Troy's sore feet on a softer path.


Woohoo - yellow VW in Navarrete.

Day 7 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 520m, minimum elevation = 368m. Cool and overcast, about 10 degrees.

After a pre-breakfast of half an orange and a biscuit each (maybe I had 2 biscuits to get rid of the last one), Troy, M, S2 and I headed out into a cold but at least dry morning. We exited Viana past its medieval walls which was spectacular.

It was 12km to Logroño with the now routine vineyards and olive groves, wet paths and some seriously sticky mud. On the way, we exited the Navarre region of Spain that we've been in since the start and entered La Rioja - well known internationally for their wines.

Logroño is a big city and we came in via industrial areas, a bit of a shock after the lovely villages we've travelled through. Once we hit the city and admired some storks in a nest, we found a Cafe for a real breakfast - pan con tomate for me, Mmmmmm!

City streets, turned into pathways through parklands for the first 6km out of Logroño. Very hard on the feet. So, I had everyone walking off the side of the path on softer dirt and grass, particularly Troy who really suffered today with sore feet. A red squirrel and some rabbits provided entertainment to distract us.

As we approached the town of Navarrete (our home for the night) we passed very large vineyards. Although only 23 km today, we were suffering a bit from yesterday's 31km, so the walk up and into Navarrete was tough. We picked a hostel for the night - proper beds and bedding and a private bathroom - LUXURY!!

Troy rested his feet in our room while I hit the town. Checked out the church - beautiful - had a drink with M & S2 and looked for a shop. At least 10 bars in this town, all open but couldn't buy any groceries on a Sunday afternoon.

I went back to the room to get Troy for dinner and got a message from E & S1. - they walked an incredible 37km and were in Navarrete. Not only that but they were having dinner in the very bar we were on our way to!! Well, you'd have thought we hadn't seen each other for years, not just since lunch yesterday. It's lovely to have all the lads back together.

Today's distance = 23 km

Total distance = 181km

Yellow VW count Troy - 1, Sue - 1(Yes!!)

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